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So you read part one of our social media blog series, and you know you need to get on Facebook but you’re worried you’ll make a mistake? Don’t let social media intimidate you! With a little planning and our expert tips you can maintain an engaging online presence, without committing any serious faux pas. 

 You might think Facebook is just for kids, but nothing breeds brand awareness and customer loyalty like social media. The average Facebook user in the United States spends 40 minutes on the site each day! That’s a lot of opportunities for homeowners to connect with your brand. A company Facebook page builds trust, community, and it keeps your name in front of your audience. That’s why every contractor needs to have social media in their marketing mix. Here are a few things you are missing out on if you are not making use of social media for your business:  

 You probably know that when it comes to our geothermal systems, there’s nothing more important to us than quality. But when it comes to our employees, there’s nothing more important than safety. 

 Most Americans have been affected in some way by breast cancer. That’s why our employees in Greenville have decided to take action to raise money and awareness with Enertech’s “Denim Days.” In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, participating employees donated $20 to wear blue jeans to work for the month of October.

 Did you know that at Enertech we manufacture all of our geothermal systems right here in the United States? To help you get to know us better, we are giving you a behind the scenes look at our manufacturing process with our new blog series “Made in Mitchell.”