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 By Jeremy Lang & Tim Wright

When a customer asks you for something, your first instinct is probably to give it to them. Because the customer is always right…Right? It depends. How can people tell you what they want if they’ve never seen it before?

Unfortunately, some homeowners don’t get a geothermal option from an HVAC sales representative simply because they didn’t ask for it. Haven’t you heard this before, “I wish I had known about that, no one even offered me the option of geothermal!” I hope that statement is enough to make all of us snap out of routine and embrace a consulting approach. When you do this, you will steadily be eliminating much of your competition without saying anything negative about them or their work. Why you may ask? Because you have just raised the bar of competency!

You can look, but we don’t think you’ll find a group of people more dedicated to quality than the Enertech team. But if there’s one thing Enertech employees are more passionate about than quality craftsmanship, it’s getting the word out about our products. That’s why our Mitchell team participated in the annual Manufacturing Day this year.

 Have you been following our Made in Mitchell blog post series? Join us on our virtual tour of our manufacturing facility to get an exclusive behind the scenes look at where we make our award-winning geothermal systems—all from the comfort of your own browser! We’ve already taken a look at our sheet metal bending procedure; so for the next stop on the tour, let’s check out the coaxial heat exchanger assembly process.

 Think geothermal is only for new homes? Think again! The Magic Chef Mansion is about to prove you wrong. This landmark property is getting an upgrade to its HVAC system, without sacrificing the integrity of the building or its historical significance.

So you signed up for the Enertech dealer website program, but now you aren’t really sure what to do to maximize your investment? We have a few tips that can help you get the most bang for your buck from the dealer website program.