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The accounting department is home to one of the most popular team members at our Greenville location. He can’t answer the phone and doesn’t know how to use Excel, or even a calculator, but he “works like a dog!” And he was a major crowd favorite at the Christmas party. His name is Colby, and he is an 80-pound Great Pyrenees/Yellow Lab mix. Colby comes to work with his “mom,” Denise, a few days a week and brightens up our Greenville offices with his furry greetings and puppy eyes.

Earth Day is very important to us at Enertech because it celebrates one of our favorite things: the planet! From the products we make to our recycling program, we are committed to making a difference for our world. In fact, part of our company philosophy is a belief in improving the global atmosphere through environmental consciousness, a culture of care, and enduring optimism.

 Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner promoted his plan to improve the state's business climate during an hour-long visit to Enertech Global in Greenville, IL on Tuesday, March 10. Rauner met with local business leaders including Steve Smith, CEO of Enertech Global, followed by a tour of Enertech’s corporate headquarters. After the tour, the Governor addressed Enertech staff and the media, saying that he wants to see southern and southwestern Illinois thrive.

Did you know that at Enertech we manufacture all of our geothermal systems right here in the United States? To help you get to know us better, we are giving you a behind the scenes look at our manufacturing process with our new blog series “Made in Mitchell.” For the first installment, join us for a “tour” of our sheet metal bending station; no plane ticket required!  

 Experience geothermal made better with the newest member of our expanding product family! What sets our new YT Vertical Packaged geothermal system apart from the crowd? With the YT, Enertech achieved dramatic improvements in sound quality, heating and cooling capacity, and efficiency, along with a reduction in cabinet size.