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One of the most important core values to us at Enertech is quality. We are committed to it from start to finish in our manufacturing process and we believe it is part of everyone’s job descriptions. For the next installment of Made in Mitchell, let’s take a look at Enertech’s run test station. 

Hiding out at the bottom of handbags, under couch cushions, and on sidewalks everywhere, pennies don’t often get the same respect as their silver-colored coin cousins. But the May FUN Committee at Enertech’s Greenville location saw a way to put pennies back to work with a fundraising drive leading up to National Penny Day.

 At Enertech, we love our planet–so we try to live out the spirit of Earth Day every day! From the products we manufacture to our recycling program, we are committed to making a difference for the Earth. We encourage all of our employees to think creatively to find homegrown ways for Enertech to shrink our environmental footprint. This year we broke ground on the first annual Enertech Workplace Garden at our Greenville, IL location to honor Earth Day.

Since 1988, Bax Custom Homes has been providing high value homes in the greater St. Louis area. More than 200 Bax homes can be found throughout Whitmoor, The Bluffs, Lake St. Louis, Bear Creek, and western St. Louis County. Bax Custom Homes is a small volume builder completing about 10 custom homes a year, and the current subdivision being developed by Bax Custom Homes is Stone Castle in the St. Paul/O'Fallon, MO area. 

 As a companion to the Home Show Guide, Enertech has developed an Open House & Field Day Guide to help you take your business to the next level. In the guide you will find helpful information about planning and advertising an Open House or Field Day event, as well as several resource documents to help you get the ball rolling. Whether you are a seasoned pro, or a total novice when it comes to open houses, this new guide has something to offer.