Here at Enertech Global, we’re always looking for ways to be better stewards of our environment.  One way we’re looking to make an impact is through our recycling program at our corporate headquarters. 

Our goal is to increase the amount and types of materials that we recycle at our corporate headquarters and potentially reduce our solid waste by 70%.  We’re accomplishing this with the help of a local recycling and shredding company.  Each employee is encouraged to keep a box dedicated to recyclables here at the workplace, and we’ve also extended this to include personal materials as well.  All our team members have to do is collect recyclable materials at their home and bring them to the office in a brown paper bag or cardboard box.

Taking these small steps is a great way to support our planet, and the effort required is minimal.  Are you participating in a recycling program?  It’s really quite simple when you’re organized.  In fact, involve the whole family.  Here are a few tips to make recycling easy and fun.

  1. Create a recycling area or center to sort and store recyclable materials.  This is a great place to utilize any old baskets or favorite containers. 
  2. Return any plastic shopping bags to your local grocery store.  Many of them have a collection bin and can be reused to create plastic lumber.   For future trips to the store, take along reusable cloth bags to haul purchases instead of plastic or paper shopping bags. 
  3. Newspapers, magazines and white paper can all be recycled as long as it’s clean and dry.  This includes direct mail, or junk mail as it is commonly referenced. 
  4. Remember to keep reusable batteries separate from your trash such as those used in cell phones, computers and even power tools.  Then, go here to find a drop off location in your area. 
  5. When sorting, remove lids from plastic and glass bottles.  Many times, lids are not able to be recycled.
  6. While these are all good rules of thumb, be sure to check with your local recycling center for any additional specifics needed. 

Doesn’t that sound easy? What other tips would you suggest for first time recyclers?  Let us know in the comments.