What is it about a person that makes them successful?  What are businesses doing right in order to be profitable in today’s economic climate?  As you are thinking about your own business and life, I want to challenge you to think about it from another perspective.  Possibly a perspective that we’re not entirely comfortable with discussing.  Here it is:

Being successful involves more than just doing the things you’re supposed to be doing.  It’s also about recognizing and avoiding those things you should never do.

Many times, we only focus on activity.  If you do this, you can expect that.  It’s comfortable.  Don’t get me wrong… You have to take action to make things happen.  You and I both know that you won’t sell any geothermal systems if you’re not advertising, talking with homeowners, and encouraging your customers to recommend you to their friends and family.  Activity is very important.  But, what you don’t do can speak volumes.  Can you imagine what will happen to your business when you take the power of activity tempered with avoiding those little things that are ultimately responsible for failing? 

So, how do you fail?  Here are eight key things to be mindful of and avoid at all costs.

  1. Being overly negative or arrogant.
  2. Taking a timid approach when you should attack
  3. Not being prepared
  4. Not recognizing mistakes and apologizing for them
  5. Having a complete lack of discipline in accomplishing business objectives
  6. Failure to visualize victory / No written goals
  7. Not learning from stupid mistakes
  8. Being too proud to accept criticism that will help you improve

When you are aware of these eight things, you are well on your way to developing winning as a mindset.  You see winners have a laser focus and let nothing stand in the way of their goal.  They’re humble, learn from their mistakes, and are never caught unprepared. 

Take a few minutes today to analyze your business.  How do you stack up against this list?  How can you take action now to better set yourself up for winning?  Here’s a tip: Make sure your goals are front and center everyday, whether that’s taped to your bathroom mirror, displayed in your office, or fixed to the dash of your vehicle.   

Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.  Now, go out and win! – Shawn


This post first appeared in the September edition of In the Loop, a monthly publication sent to all Enertech Global dealers, distributors and employees.  Look for the next issue on the first Monday of every month!