There are many ways to stay competitive in the geothermal industry while honing your skills as an installer.  In fact, continuing education is key in finding success within the field.  That’s exactly why Phoenix Energy Supply hosted a 2-day meeting for those interested in improving their geothermal knowledge while increasing their professional network. 

The event took place in Auburn, New York, February 20-21, 2013, and featured a variety of speakers and topics.  John Manning, President of Phoenix Energy Supply, commented, “The intent was to bring together like-minded geothermal contractors for the sake of sharing information, forging a stronger network among themselves, with the ultimate benefit being a higher level of competence, quality and understanding of designing for efficiency.”

They intentionally structured the meeting to be fast-paced, with multiple sessions covering a variety of topics from success stories to the geothermal sales process to even product reviews.  Our own Eric Senio, Regional Sales Manager to the Northeast and Mid Atlantic, presented two topics to the group.  “I always enjoy these types of events.  The energy and expertise with this group was exceptional, and I’m looking forward to seeing big things from them and Phoenix Energy,” commented Senio.  

Manning echoed Senio’s comments, adding, “The entire staff at Phoenix felt a very positive sense of accomplishment; the feedback that we heard from many of the attendees was in itself very rewarding, but the ultimate result is the strengthening of the bond between us and our customers.”

Phoenix Energy Supply is very involved with their customers, helping them to be successful in this industry.  When asked about why these meetings are important, Manning responded, “It is essential to build a sense of community, to reassure each of our customers that they are not alone when navigating their way through the many challenges of building and managing a successful business.”

This is one of the many reasons that we love working with Phoenix Energy Supply, as they echo our own sentiments within this industry and vice versa.  When asked why they choose Hydron Module equipment, Manning’s answer was instantaneous stating that it’s our “culture that reflects a commitment to quality.”  He explained this, stating, “I have dealt with many manufacturers and none are immune from having product deficiencies that need repair or service, however it is the nature of the response that defines the character of the company.  There are many examples that have allowed Enertech to stand head and shoulders above the others when it comes to "walking the talk" when it comes to commitment to quality.” 

Thanks to John Manning for his kind words regarding our company.  It’s exactly what we pride ourselves on and why we work hard for our customers.  We can always take more pride in our work, and it’s a great reminder when hearing from individuals like Manning.   Seeing the geothermal contractors’ passion for this technology inspires us to continue improving our products and services. 

Thank you for being our customers and sharing your passion with us.  To continue being successful, it’s important to always be questioning and refining your techniques. During the two-day meeting, Manning drove home the point of “trying to prevent the "race to the bottom" where sales efforts are focused on being the cheapest, ultimately undermining profitability and the quality of the delivered product.” 

So, how can you improve?  What can you do to make more sales? Let us know in the comments.