Tomorrow is going to be a fun day at our Greenville headquarters. We're inviting our four-legged friends to join us in the office.  Pet Sitters International created Take Your Dog to Work Day® in 1999 to celebrate what great companions dogs make and promote their adoptions from local shelters, rescue groups and humane societies. (Learn more at

We’ll be sharing photos on our social media sites, and we’d love to see your pets as well.  Join in the fun with your Enertech Global home office team by posting on our Facebook page and tweeting us @EnertechGlobal with pictures of your pets. 

Get creative, and your pet may just earn the title of being Enertech’s Mascot for the Day! Home team members will vote on the pet that showcases the best Enertech team spirit and the top two will win a branded hat from us at Enertech Global. 

You can also have your business participate.  Here are a few things to pass along to your team members to ensure that Fido has a great day in your office. 

- Does my dog get along well with people and other dogs?

- Is he/she house broken?

- Does he sit and is polite when meeting new people?

- Can he/she answer Tech Service calls?

- Does he know how to settle and stay calm/quiet?

- Can he/she leave things alone when asked?


Also - Keep in mind these tips to make the day a success:

- Keep your dog on a leash

- Puppy-proof your workspace

- Consider bringing a baby gate or pet carrier to keep your dog from roaming while you work

- Bring toys or comfort items to help make your dog feel at home during his/her visit

- Some spaces will be off limits to dogs (like kitchens)

- Use common sense with your dog in the office

Are you excited about bringing your dog to work? Be sure to share with us your photos, too, and stay tuned for a little fun on a Friday at the Enertech Global home office.  

(Image courtesy of Flickr)