Does your trash want to be transformed into something more? November 15 is America Recycles Day. This campaign sponsored by Keep America Beautiful aims to generate awareness, explain how and where to recycle, and mobilize individual ownership and emotional connection to recycling through videos of recyclable materials with dreams to be given another life. 

At Enertech Global, we’re excited about our environmental efforts including our ongoing recycling program. Our goal is to increase the amount and types of materials that we recycle and potentially reduce our solid waste by 70%.  We’re accomplishing this with the help of a local recycling and shredding company.  Each employee is encouraged to keep a box dedicated to recyclables here at the workplace, and we’ve also extended this to include personal materials.  All our team members have to do is collect recyclable materials at their homes and bring them to the office. Taking these minimal-effort steps is a great way to support our planet! 

One of our employees has mobilized an effort to go even above and beyond our program by collecting recyclables for social good. Rosie McDonald is collecting plastic lids and caps to have recycled into benches for a local youth center. It takes about 400 lbs of plastic lids to create one bench. She is also collecting aluminum can tabs for Ronald McDonald House Charities. All proceeds collected from the Tab Top Program help cover the costs needed to provide a “home-away-from-home” for families of critically ill children seeking care in area hospitals. Way to go, Rosie! We are proud of your efforts to make our community and our earth a better place.

Are you participating in a recycling program?  It’s not as hard as it sounds when you’re organized. Here are a few tips to make recycling easy and fun.

1.     Create a recycling area or center to sort and store recyclable materials. This is a great place to use old baskets or fun containers. 

2.     Return plastic shopping bags to your local grocery store.  Many of them have a collection bin and the bags can be reused to create plastic lumber. For future trips to the store, take along reusable bags instead of plastic or paper shopping bags. 

3.     Newspapers, magazines and white paper can all be recycled as long as it’s clean and dry.  This includes junk mail! 

4.     You could even create a contest for your employees to make recycling a little more exciting.

So what are you waiting for? Give your trash new life with a fun and easy recycling program! For more recycling tips and resources to get started, visit the America Recycles Day website.