Experience geothermal made better with the newest member of our expanding product family! What sets our new YT Vertical Packaged geothermal system apart from the crowd? With the YT, Enertech achieved dramatic improvements in sound quality, heating and cooling capacity, and efficiency, along with a reduction in cabinet size. 

The launch of our XT multi-positional vertical packaged models in 2010 marked a milestone in geothermal heating and cooling. Enertech engineers created a truly revolutionary design that not only performed well, but set new standards in cabinet design, value-added features and functionality. The all-new YT packaged model is the next generation of geothermal systems, built on the achievements of its older XT sibling. 

The 4-ton YT increased in average heating capacity by 2,000 BTU’s and 4,750 BTU’s in cooling, while the 3-ton YT increased cooling capacity by 1,900 BTU’s compared to our previous XT model. That means less reliance on supplemental heat and ultimately lower heating costs when compared with other geothermal brands. Enertech Sales Manager Tony Bakken put it this way: “We gained better gas mileage without giving up horsepower.”

Another key improvement is the YT’s increased efficiency. The YT048 (4-ton) increased:

  • 23% in low cool EER
  • 18% in high cool EER
  • 21% in combined EER
  • 14% in low heat COP
  • 10% in high heat COP
  • 10% in combined COP

All that added power and efficiency, and we were still able to shed some bulk! The YT’s cabinet reduced 16% in width, 14% in depth and 4% in height, compared to its predecessor. The smaller size makes the YT easier to stock, ship, and to install in tighter spaces.

We were also able to significantly improve the overall sound quality. Elastomeric compressor isolation pads separate the compressor from the unit to prevent vibration. In addition, internal copper tubing employs an enhanced “shock loop” design, which also prevents sound from transmitting through other internal components. High density, closed cell foam insulation is used throughout the unit to absorb sound. The YT is so quiet that you might not even know it’s running!

There are so many reasons to get to know the newest member of the Enertech product family. Don’t forget to check out the YT features and benefits video on our Enertech Global YouTube channel for more information. You can also find product literature on our branded websites. Trust us, you’ll see the family resemblance!