The accounting department is home to one of the most popular team members at our Greenville location. He can’t answer the phone and doesn’t know how to use Excel, or even a calculator, but he “works like a dog!” And he was a major crowd favorite at the Christmas party. His name is Colby, and he is an 80-pound Great Pyrenees/Yellow Lab mix. Colby comes to work with his “mom,” Denise, a few days a week and brightens up our Greenville offices with his furry greetings and puppy eyes.

Colby may not have an official job title, but he plays an important role in office life. According to a 2012 Virginia Commonwealth University study, employees who bring their dogs to work produced lower levels of the stress-causing hormone cortisol. In an office, stress is inevitable, but if you are in a position where something is stressful, seeing that wagging tail and puppy smile can turn the whole day around.

Denise adopted Colby in 2014 from the Bond County Humane Society in Greenville. We don’t know much about Colby before he came to the Human Society, but we do know that he had a hard life. Colby gets anxious being left at home alone, and is happiest when he can keep an eye on Denise during the day. 

Colby spends his days at Enertech sleeping on the floor in Denise’s office, or greeting employees who need a little bit of puppy-time before getting back to work. From his favorite spot on the tile he can see employees who come up to the break room for lunch, and he can watch for Jill, the HR Manager, to come out of her office. (He loves Jill.)

Just having Colby around improves company morale and encourages camaraderie. According to a 2006 survey by the American Pet Products Association, 50 million Americans believe having pets in the workplace helps coworkers get along better. Studies have also shown that dogs at work help increase interaction between co-workers and increase employee satisfaction.

In fact, having pets in the workplace can even improve employee health! According to the CDC, being around dogs can decrease blood pressure, cholesterol, and feelings of loneliness. Besides, it’s just more fun to have a dog around!

Enertech may give Colby a feeling of security by allowing him to spend his days with people, but Colby gives Enertech so much in return. Thanks Denise and Colby for giving our Greenville offices a little more spirit…and a LOT more tail wagging.