So you signed up for the Enertech dealer website program, but now you aren’t really sure what to do to maximize your investment? We have a few tips that can help you get the most bang for your buck from the dealer website program.

Beginner: It’s All About Links! The more reliable sites that link to your website, the more relevant Google will think you are

1. Claim your online listings. Your company is probably already listed on several online business listing databases. One thing you can do to increase your traffic is to go online and start claiming those listings. Add your contact information and make sure you link to your website. This will help your site look better to Google so you will show up higher in search results, and as an added bonus homeowners who see your Manta profile will now also be able to find your website with a simple click! Here’s a list of sites to get you started: YAHOO!,, Citysearch, CitySquares,, and  


Don’t have the time to go through and claim online listings yourself? You can always hire pay an agency to do it for you.


2. Set up local pages. Similar to number 1, you can create local pages for yourself for free without too much of a time investment. Google, Bing and Yahoo are a great place to start, but don’t forget about sites like Yelp and the Yellow Pages Online. This is one more opportunity for your site to have more link-backs, and it will also help you show up higher in results when someone searches for “geothermal near me” on Google.


3. Get listed on the Enertech Dealer Locator. One more way to get link-backs to your website is to add your URL to the Enertech Dealer Locator. Being listed in the dealer locator is good idea anyway because it gives homeowners one more way to discover you, but it will also help your website show up higher in search results.  


4. Get listing in other third party locators. Make sure you give your URL to all of your affiliates! If you are an IGSHPA accredited installer, make sure your website shows up in the IGSHPA locator tool! This is a great opportunity to get more traffic, and it will improve your place in search results.



Intermediate: More Content, Please! Including terms homeowners are likely to search is a great way to get Google to include you in results

1. Update Your About Us Page. Does your About Us page tell users what your service area is?  Make sure it does! Improving the content on your website with more specific information can help you appear in search results when homeowners search “Geothermal near me.” Your About Us page should also include certifications your company has received or any associations or organizations that you are a part of. If you are an IGSHPA-accredited installer, make sure you include that so that you will show up in results when a homeowner searches “IGSHPA-Certified geothermal St. Louis.”


2. Add More Testimonials. Testimonials give you an opportunity to add more content to your page without having to do much writing! Adding testimonials also gives you an opportunity to include specific location names or towns or neighborhoods you serve to help let Google know you should show up in search results for those areas.


3. Add Photos to Your Showroom Page. After you’ve added testimonials, try adding photos to go with them. Having photos on your website can improve your search ranking in two ways. First is that Google likes to see that you have high quality photos on your page. Second, images increase the amount of time people spend on your website. Google gives higher priority to websites that users stay on longer. Always give photos descriptive file names. “Image-1.jpg” doesn’t tell Google anything about your site, so it’s not as likely to increase your ranking. Try something more specific like “geothermal installation St. Louis” instead. 


Advanced: Keep It Fresh! Because of complex search engine algorithms, websites that are not frequently updated drop in results

1. Post Links on Facebook. Posting links back to your website on Facebook is one way to show Google that your content is still relevant and active. You might even want to share links to your website on your personal Facebook page. It creates activity, and Google likes that. Make sure you post links to Facebook regularly—not just one time. Google wants to see that your website content is consistently being shared. 


2. Post Special Offers or Promotions On Your Homepage. Posting special offers is one more way to consistently create fresh content to let Google know that your site is still active. It is also one more way to encourage site visitors to share links to your page with their friends and family. You can even ask for their contact information in order to claim the offer so that you can follow up with them later!


3. Update Irrelevant Information. If your website homepage announces news from a year ago and your photo gallery includes dated projects, homeowners might think you are unprofessional, or worse that you have gone out of business. Make sure that you remove information about promotions when they end, and that you update dates as they change. For example, if your about page says you have been in business for five years, it should not say that you opened in 2008. Keep information as up to date as possible to make sure you look competent, and to let Google know that your site is still relevant.



Expert: Go Above and Beyond! Spending more time on your website can give you great results

1. Include a video on your website. Search engines are more likely to display a video on the first page than text content. Consider adding a short welcome video to your About Us page, or ask customers if they are willing to do a video testimonial that you could include on your Showroom page. Make sure that you give your videos descriptive titles so that Google knows what they are!


2. Add Frequently Asked Questions. Take your top 5-10 questions you always get, come up with an answer for each. It’s a great opportunity to include search terms that might help you show up in search results, and having more content will make your website look more helpful to Google. Consider including something like “Does geothermal really work in St. Louis?” or “How much can I save with geothermal in St. Louis?” This is a great way to add more information to your About Us page.


3. Send Press Releases. One additional way to get other websites to link to yours is by being featured in local news websites or Chamber of Commerce blogs. How do you get yourself featured? Sending press releases or pitch emails about newsworthy projects or programs. Holding a fundraiser, sponsoring Earth Day festivities, or participating in a large local building project? Make sure you let the local media know!