Think geothermal is only for new homes? Think again! The Magic Chef Mansion is about to prove you wrong. This landmark property is getting an upgrade to its HVAC system, without sacrificing the integrity of the building or its historical significance.

The Magic Chef Mansion is a 12,000 square foot home in the Historic Compton Hill neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri. The manor sits on two acres of land, which also houses a gazebo and a large carriage house. It was designed by Ernst Janssen for the founder of the Quick Meal & Magic Chef Stove Company, Charles Stockstrom, in 1908.

By the time the current owners purchased it in 1990, the Magic Chef Mansion had fallen into disrepair. They quickly began renovating and restoring the home back to its original glory. Most of the furniture and chandeliers had been auctioned off, and the owners went to work slowly buying back the original artifacts and furnishings while they undertook various repair projects on their own. 

Now that the home is in better shape cosmetically, the owners are installing a state-of-the-art GeoComfort geothermal system to improve its air quality, comfort level and efficiency. West County Heating & Cooling Inc. installed a 22-ton vertical bore loop field on the property, and will be installing state-of-the-art geothermal equipment in the home. Because of the size of the home, the project will use two vertical packaged geothermal systems and two indoor split geothermal systems and the existing boiler will be used as a backup. 

The Magic Chef Mansion is open for public tours on the first Saturday of the month during April through November, and is frequently rented out for parties, showers tea parties, fundraisers and weddings. If you would like more information about the Mansion, visit them online:

Geothermal systems can be an excellent option for historic buildings and older homes. The increased humidity control, quiet operation and improved air quality make geothermal an attractive solution for properties like the Magic Chef Mansion that house antique furniture and often host events with large guest lists. Congratulations to the Magic Chef Mansion on becoming a proud owner of a GeoComfort geothermal system by Enertech. Welcome to the family!

Special thanks to West County Heating & Cooling and to the Magic Chef Mansion for providing us with the details for this story. We are proud to have West County Heating & Cooling as part of the Enertech team.