You’ve heard it a million times: Content is King. All marketing begins with content, and social media is no exception. After reading part two of our social media blog series, you know that you should have a vault of content that you can share with the world, but what kinds of things should you post? You don’t have to be a marketing expert to be successful online—all you have to do is treat Facebook like an extension of your daily interactions with consumers. Here’s a list of content suggestions to get you started: 

Photo Posts

Make a habit of carrying your smart phone around to job sites, snapping photos during each step of the process and in just a few minutes a day you will build a huge library of shareable content. Don’t forget to take your project photo posts to the next level by providing context. Include a description about what it is, where it is, and why you’re posting it. Here are a few types of photo posts that have been successful for other contractors: 

·      Before & after’s

·      Photos of techs working in the field

·      Photos of the installation process & loop field

·      Pictures of homeowners with their newly installed geothermal system

·       “Meet Our Team” posts profiling a specific employee

·      Photos from marketing events such as open houses and home shows

·      Snapshots of employees dressed for holidays or sport events (Halloween, Christmas sweaters, local team makes the playoffs, etc.)


Personality Posts

Homeowners want to know how you’re different from other similar companies in the area. Show them who your company is with Facebook posts that highlight your company culture and what you believe in. 

·      Honor employees on their birthdays or service anniversary

·      Celebrate important company milestones and anniversaries

·      Showcase employee special events such as holiday parties and potlucks

·      Share information about fundraisers or volunteering you do as a team

·      Post about your team making the World Series, Super Bowl, March Madness Tournament or the NBA Finals

·      Recognize employees who demonstrate your mission statement in the field

·      Posts about pets are always popular!


Local Community News & Events

Let people know you care about your town and position yourself as a community leader by posting about local news and events. This is a great way to build trust with homeowners and to get people engaged with your Facebook page. 

·      Congratulate the local high school sports teams on their wins

·      Participate in community fairs, Earth Day festivities, winter holiday community events, Fourth of July parades, etc. and post reminders leading up to the event

·      Celebrate your town’s heritage on your Founders Day or anniversary celebrations such as centennials

·       Engage with your local Chamber of Commerce on Facebook

·      Share news about local businesses who go green with geothermal

·      Share posts from local Co-Op or utility


Educational Posts

Ask yourself how you can put your audience in a better position to make educated decisions about the types of services that you offer. People don’t follow you on Facebook for a sales pitch—they get enough of that from traditional advertising. Homeowners come to your Facebook page because they want to be informed. 

·      Helpful energy saving tips

·      Information about how geothermal heating and cooling works

·      Product features and benefits (geothermal and other)

·      Informational video links (Enertech homeowner videos, Department of Energy, Energy Star, etc.)

·      Geothermal myths debunked

·      Answers to FAQ’s

·      Information about the tax credit and other incentives in your area


Promotions and Special Offer Posts

Be careful about how much you try to sell your services on Facebook, but also don’t be afraid to extend special offers to your audience.  Having frequent contests and promotions is a great way to keep people checking back to your page on a regular basis.

·      Advertise seasonal rebates and coupons

·      Host contests where everyone who comments on a post is entered into a drawing for a gift card

·      Give away small prizes to people who posts about their savings after installing geothermal

·      Host a contest to see who can get the most “likes” on a photo they share of their geothermal system

·      Advertise giveaways or promotions you will offer at an open house or home show

·      Encourage followers to post photos of how they keep their pets cool in the summer and give away a gift from a local pet store to the best one



You should definitely use social media to toot your own horn sometimes, but we all know that a positive review from a homeowner carries a lot more weight than anything you can say about your company. So share your testimonials and reviews on your Facebook feed! 

·      Take photos of comment cards and share on your page

·      Encourage customers to post reviews directly to your page

·      Share links to positive reviews on Yelp or other review sites

·      Have a homeowner record a short testimonial video

·      Share positive reviews that come in through email

·      Post links to awards you receive for your customer service


Holiday/Seasonal messages

One of the easiest ways to develop content for Facebook is to look at all of the holidays listed on your calendar and then write one post for each of them. Holiday and seasonal messages are easy to plan for and do a great job catching people’s attention. Here’s a few suggestions, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box for other seasonal posts that might be even more meaningful and helpful to your fans. After all, you know your market better than anyone! 

·      Fall/Spring service reminders

·      Filter change reminders

·      Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Independence Day greeting

·      Honor your employees who have served our country on Veterans Day

·      First day of winter/spring/summer/fall

·      Earth Day post about going green with geothermal or other energy saving tips

·      Tips for staying warm in winter or cool in summer

·      Thank your employees on Administrative Professionals Day, Bosses Day, etc. 


When you’re posting on Facebook, ask yourself this question to evaluate your content: Are your Facebook followers more informed, more educated, or more entertained after having seen your content? If the answer is “yes,” then you’re on the right track! Being successful on social media is easy once you have a plan—and when your Facebook fans see that you know your stuff, you're going to be front-and-center when they need to hire a contractor for their heating and cooling needs. Don’t forget that if you are still looking for more guidance, you can download the Enertech content calendar template to get you started (available to download in Part Two of this series). So get creative and start planning your social media strategy today!


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