At Enertech, we love our planet–so we try to live out the spirit of Earth Day every day! From the products we manufacture to our recycling program, we are committed to making a difference for the Earth. We encourage all of our employees to think creatively to find homegrown ways for Enertech to shrink our environmental footprint. This year we broke ground on the first annual Enertech Workplace Garden at our Greenville, IL location to honor Earth Day.

Enertech is providing the garden space and plants, and employees will pitch in to tend the garden throughout the growing season. Enertech Bill Of Materials Specialist, Andrea Stotts, is the chief visionary for the garden project. The seed was planted for the Enertech Workplace Garden when Andrea realized she didn’t have the space to plant her usual garden at home this year. Her goal was to create a space to propagate friendships among employees, and to provide an environmentally friendly source of healthy food options for the entire Greenville team.

We believe that the Enertech Workplace Garden will have many benefits for our employees, and for Enertech as a company. Studies show that people who work in a garden make healthier food choices and have lower stress levels. Workplace gardens are a melting pot–or salad bowl, if you will–for employees to connect with coworkers from other departments in a relaxed atmosphere. And we all know that shared team projects are a key ingredient to building trust and camaraderie.

The garden will also give employees an opportunity to be physically active during the workday. When Steve and Karen Smith founded Enertech 20 years ago, one of their main goals was to help their employees live happy, healthy lives. The garden project is a natural extension of that goal. It will give employees a chance to get outside and to get moving in the fresh air.

Our employees can always be counted on to go above and beyond when it comes to doing good and benefiting the Enertech community. Projects like the Enertech Workplace Garden give our team members an opportunity to express their eco-consciousness, and to grow their leadership skills.   

If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by to try some of our Enertech-grown produce…And don’t forget, geothermal makes every day Earth Day!