Did you know that at Enertech we manufacture all of our geothermal systems right here in the United States? To help you get to know us better, we are giving you a behind the scenes look at our manufacturing process with our new blog series “Made in Mitchell.” 

One of the most important core values to us at Enertech is quality. We are committed to it from start to finish in our manufacturing process and we believe it is part of everyone’s job descriptions. So far on our virtual tour of Enertech’s manufacturing facility you’ve seen how this commitment plays out in our sheet metal fabrication, coax foaming process, and helium leak detection procedure. For the next installment of Made in Mitchell, let’s take a look at Enertech’s run test station.

Every unit coming off of our assembly line visits a series of state-of-the-art testing stations. This ensures that the unit you receive is ready to provide unmatched comfort to the homeowner for years to come. The second step in our testing process is the run test station. In the run test, each unit is connected to water and electrical lines to inspect the control box and other systems. Our employees use computer controlled testing equipment to ensure that every unit that leaves our facility will be operational and problem-free.

Enertech relies on testing equipment from ECI, a leader in the industry for more than 30 years. Their testing equipment is energy efficient and entirely adaptable to our specific testing needs. Many well-known HVAC manufacturers use these same systems due to their reliability.

Our ECI equipment is specifically configured with customized parameters to test each of our geothermal models. The automated, computer-controlled sequence of operation eliminates operator dependency in our testing process and helps improve productivity without sacrificing accuracy.  

In the run test station, we conduct a hipot (high potential/high voltage) test. This test checks for proper isolation and ensures no electrical current will flow from one point to another. Each unit is tested in all heating and cooling modes, confirming that the geothermal equipment is fully functional and ready to install. We even run test our split systems, which not all manufacturers do. The actual testing varies from model to model, but the process tends to take about five to ten minutes.

After run testing is complete, we put the finishing touches on the system, add the labels and documentation, and give it a spot-free shine. Then the unit goes through one final end-of-line quality inspection that includes visual checks of the sheet metal, insulation, and wiring, and a halogen leak detection procedure. After that, it’s packaged and shipped to one of our dealer or distributor partners, and finally installed in the home of the newest member of the Enertech family.

Our testing is the most robust in the industry. When you order an Enertech manufactured geothermal system, we want you to have full confidence that we haven’t overlooked any issues. That’s just one way we demonstrate our commitment to quality. To learn more about Enertech’s manufacturing process, check back for future installments of Made in Mitchell!