A popular program among home team members at Enertech is our monthly jeans donation fund. When you donate $20, you can wear jeans to work every day for that month.  The money is donated to charity, and these charities are different each month. 

In a tough economy, it’s easy to cut your marketing and advertising budget.  In fact, that’s typically the first thing to go when times get tough.  But, let’s take a minute to really think about this - Should you advertise? 

Maybe an even better question is should you advertise now with our economy still trying to recover?  This isn’t the first recession that we’ve been through, and possibly not your first as a business owner, either.  What’s your attitude?  Shawn talked about a winning mindset, which is extremely important as a business owner.  And, he’d tell you to see this recession as an incredible opportunity for your business to gain market share from your competitors.  And, you can do that if you’re willing to step up your efforts and commit to an advertising strategy.  Here’s why.

Northern Iowa is becoming even greener!  Johnson Heating and Cooling from Albert Lea, Minnesota, recently completed a great retrofit for Iowa-based Asmus Farm Supply.  This second-generation, family-owned supplier made a great choice, which includes 17 GeoComfort units with a total of approximately 65 tons.  (Their loop field is buried under their cornfield and takes advantage of a directional bore system!) 

As you can probably guess from the title, we’re talking today about customer service.  Now, you know your business better than anyone.  What is it that sets you apart from every other business like yours?  Think about this question in regards to your customer service strategies. How are you handling customer interaction? What about customer complaints?  The following video is from Shep Hyken, a professional speaker and author. Take a minute and listen to a spectacular customer service story about a cab driver named Frank.  

At Enertech Global, there isn’t a whole lot that we won’t do to further our brand.  In fact, a triathlon isn’t even off the table!  This Sunday, three of your home team members are taking on the Triathlou, a local triathlon in Litchfield, Illinois.